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Leadership in Learning Organizational

Learning Organizations (LO) Organizations need to innovate and always evolved to the changing times to remain competitive in the dynamic market. Without learning, the organization and individuals repeat legacy mistakes and without change or actions to improve the level of success will be short-livened. LOs will constantly metamorphose itself with the environmental needs (Farrukh, 2015). To achieveContinue reading “Leadership in Learning Organizational”

Blog 4: Transactional and Transformation leadership

Nature of Transactional leadership: Transactional leadership requires leaders to engage in a bargaining relationship with employees (Hollander, 1992). And two main factors merge with transactional leadership: Contingent reward and management-by-exception. The contingent reward is normally in form of work for pay agreement. For example, the employee will be rewarded when they meet the criteria orContinue reading “Blog 4: Transactional and Transformation leadership”

Transactional leadership, Transformational leadership

To study on how transformational leadership motivates employees, it is a good method to compare it with transactional leadership. Transactional leadership is based on exchange: The leader offers incentives or punishments for the expected behaviors and results of certain tasks assigned to the employees (Cherry, 2011). Different from transactional leadership, transformational leadership lies in theContinue reading “Transactional leadership, Transformational leadership”

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